**Age of Hypocrisy**: The Real War on Women

Written By: ~X~ of TFD

The "War on Women" is a phrase that has been slung around and misused inaccurately as much as the "War on Drugs". Both of these "wars" have been (in my opinion) been blown out of proportion, misrepresented, misunderstood and abused to the fullest by pundits, journalist, wanna-be reporters and columnist, depending on what side of the isle they are on.

Let me explain....

This "war" has gone to far and if it is not put into perspective, we can loose a lot more than a few seats in the House.

First, women HAVE been through a lot throughout history. We here HONOR women, you can make life. Your nurturing nature, wisdom, strength, wisdom, companionship, leadership, etc is needed in order for life to be in balance. The very miracle of creating LIFE is a marvel in its self.


This is not ALL of you...

We would like to take a bit to walk down so turns of the rabbit hole and form a canvass of what is meant by the title of this piece.

Lets start with the "Women's March" held in Washington DC this past Inauguration of the 45th President Donald J. Trump. This is an American tradition, along with other marches & protest usually after a new President is elected (selected). Take a look at the photos of some of the "protestors" who wanted to be "heard" of their disgust of the illegal private recordings of a conversation, then private citizen Donald Trump, had with Billy Bush of Access Hollywood in  2005. 

Yes, this is not a drill.  Young and old women poured the streets and some took it to this extent. Again, this was SOME not all. Still...

Not to mention there was a picture that surfaced of men dressing up as vagina's, but they where even dressing up their KIDS! (I did not want to post that. Bad enough it really happened. 

Here is a Opinion piece I wrote on the #DayWithOutWomen protest:

All of you who "strike" and do not show up for work does NOT prove what the world would be without you... All you did was show what it is to be like without with women UNPREPARED....if people saw it coming...just like with illegals society would adjust and fill your spot. You proved nothing at all. You wanna show your worth....cure cancer...invent something...make a difference. not shout and pout like 4 year old...this is why North Korea and the rest don't take us seriously. Your not "supporting" them because even they are laughing at you and don't support you even close to the capacity of your imagination.

We are all for Freedom of Speech but keep your kids out of it. With technology these days, your putting your kids in a light they did not have a choice to be in. If they choose to go a different direction once older, it will be hell for them to reverse it. (As people preach about "bullying")


In NOWAY am I condoning, accepting, or approving of the disgusting things Trump said. BUT, I have heard worst standing in line to get cigarettes at the local gas station. When a woman with a figure comes in. It does not make it right, but to address the over play of this was absurd

Women throughout history, even now, who have a lot LESS seem to have found away to do MORE to be heard.  

 Here is how women at the beginning of the struggle 1848- 1998. Tell us if you see a stark difference in the two....

Now, lets fast-foward....what is the real war on women?...

Before we get to the examples of FACTs to support my claim. 
We have to give the "DuecheBag of the Year" award to the disgusting and extremely inappropriate comments made by Cedric Richmond (D-LA) about current Counselor to the President KellyAnn Conway. (Where are the protest and outrage?)
Editors Note: Even though he is a ____ ,in all fairness he did apologize informally on Social Media, but I feel he needs to go on TV and apologize to her to her face since he took it public in the first place. But, that's none of mu business.... 
Here are some other examples of this girl-on-girl hatred  toward the Counselor:

How can we ever forget the criticism she received for her Inauguration outfit.

As stated before, women are the worst to women now in this day and age. I personally have cringed at the conversations I have witnessed being the outnumber only male. I was raised in a house full of very strong women. Friends, associates and co workers who when they all get together with some win and smooth music the conversations can get down right brutal when it comes to talking about another female they did not like for whatever reasons.
Switching gears, every since the announcement of President Trump running for President his wife, Melania Trump, the First Lady (FLOTUS) has come under so many unnecessary harshness from, yes, women. Here are some examples....
First up.... Rosie O'Donnell
She decided to go past Melania and go after her child...

Who can forget the hashtags #FreeMelania, #DonaldTrumpWantsToBangHisDaughter, #RapeMelania and so forth.

Next, Gigi Hadid at the American Music Awards (AMA). She decides to make fun our tthe FLOTUS accent. Caught a lot of heat for it and once again, "Apologized".

Here is the link

"Slut Shamming" yuppers, we even have that....

Editors Note: This is the same publication who has put out several videos of how President Trump is a "psycho", etc. Here is a link to one of the videos by Keith Olbermann

No matter how you feel of who is in office, the legitamacy of us being a "civilized" society is at risk. We all have past. People will worshi Kim Kardashian but snub your nose at the FLOTUS for pictures? When does the ends justify the means? When do we stop throwing stones in a glass house. No ones rob is clean, or "okay" in everyones eyes. But the fact remains, this strong, smart woman had an empire well before President Trump. 
We did not even touch the surface of fuckery this fake war has bought on. But it has devistated the relationship of the home, family and relations between men and women.

The media, press, NGO's, politicians, etc have used women to get there own agendas (usually MENS agendas with the help of women selling out their own. (Margret Sanger, Hillary Clinton, etc anyone?) Same thing they do to everyone....exploit, profit, pillage, power, repeat. The "messy" part of it all....we as a society let them.

Maybe, we need to start pulling a Michael Jackson and doing some hard looks at that "Man (woman) in the mirror" 

We will be hitting more on this subject in later articles. Understand, we support women and acknowledge the struggle. We appreciate you but to be honest and ponder this....

There are a lot of good men in this world, myself being one. It is going to, sorry, already has come to a point with some males where we do not even want to deal with the main stream flow of hatred toward men. 

In closing, here is a Op-Ed piece I wrote summing it all up. Truthfully ponder it....is there a point?

Lucy.....you got some 'plaining to dooo:

So as people dress up in Vagina outfits and parade around like uncivilized rejects.....do you even know who s kicking up all this dust? Does anyone go back to the source? hmmm well I do and I honor women to the fullest ....but can we start acting like one. I ask the same of men to stop being lil cry babies its across the board....but im not dressing my kids up in a penis suit telling people "Dare you to touch this wiener.." Its barbaric.

Love? Where is love when you pillage and burn down places of business that have nothing to do with your bs? (Not all the marches...some) Do you even know what you are protesting for? Im just asking so I don't need any ignorant #MSM talking points...I am being legit. There are amazing men in this world & this BS is going to cause them to not even want to deal with you. Not cause we "hate" you, but because like any annoying friend it gets old. I have fought for women my whole life and even those women are embarrassed so its not just me. Thoughts?


**Keep in mind the ultimate goal, destroy the family, divide the population by wealth, race, economic status, looks....the State raises your kids. The adults stay enslaved. They sit back and laugh at us destroy and divide ourselves, mainly off of lack of knowledge. 

Nothing is New under the sun. 
#DYOR #Agenda21 #Agenda2030 #OpMatrixIII**




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